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Quelle: THW/ Michael Schott

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Übung SEEWA Mitte - Minden

Quelle: THW/ Michael Schott


The scope of our operations is to create strong partnerships with international institutions and inter-organizational cooperations in the humanitarian sector to analyze their demands, structures, and technological gaps while implementing research on natural disasters and issuing cause-impact models – all with the goal of developing solutions for resilience building, technical equipment for humanitarian first aid and risk assessments.
Therefore, we initiated the Standardized Aid System project (SAS). The SAS aims to provide affordable technical equipment for immediate aid in case of a humanitarian disasters. Our systems consist of stackable, connectable, and transportable containers, designed to be generic and simple in use. With this approach we design and manufacture technical solutions adapted to the requirements of civil protection organisations.

The rise in the world’s population and consumption, land-use change, globalization, the loss of biodiversity and the associated ecosystem functions and services has negative effects on the resilience of our environment, leading directly to climate crises and a variety of natural disasters. On average 60,000 people are killed by natural disasters every year. Even though disasters are not predictable, lives can be saved if humanitarian aid is intensified and given systematicly, while simultaneously diverse ecosystems are restored.
One aspect of this is drinking water. Clean water is the basis of all life in this world and a human right. Despite this, many regions of the world have a precarious water supply. Worldwide, every day 4000 people die through consuming contaminated water (WHO). Especially as a consequence of natural disasters, people suffer from feverish infections, and intestinal and diarrheal diseases with further implications on disaster relief and medical care. The usage of appropriate and reliable equipment and knowledge is key in the provision of efficient relief services.
Our aim is to increase the efficiency of humanitarian aid by providing technical solutions which are reliable, portable and easy to use at a reasonable price. Our approach to accomplish this goal is the development of state-of-the-art products as required by aid organisations and through cost-oriented standardisation.
The diverse team behind Disaster Relief Systems aims to improve humanitarian aid through the development of extensive knowledge in the field of natural disasters and their management by prioritizing the needs of organizations and active stakeholders. To achieve this mission, we put the well-being of people and the resilience and diversity of their environment at the center of our operations.


From Vision to Mission – Water purification exercise in Minden
A lot has happened in the past months. We have been setting up our manufacturing facility, starting the production of the first series of our mobile water purification unit (SAS-W2500) and testing the units in emergency scenario trainings.In order to guarantee the drinking water supply in case of a disaster, emergency services regularly train their ability […]
Interschutz 2022
From 20.6 to 25.6. we participated at the Interschutz- the world’s leading trade fair for firefighters, rescue services, and civil protection. And we gradually processed all the feedback gathered from different experts at the fair.During the 6-day event, we were able to present our Mobile Water Purification Unit (SAS-W2500) to both national and international audiences. […]
New Project Collaboration
We are proud to announce to you that we have a new project partnership with the German Federal Foundation Environment Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt. We say a big thank you for supporting us to develop innovative and ecologically viable solutions for disaster resilience building.
Appreciation of Donation
By lifting others, we also rise. Competitiveness is a necessary condition for every firm’s survival. However, it is advantageous for firms to align their energies to upscale their business in a common market. Indeed, the path led by Code for Afrika e.v. is worth emulating.We are thankful for the donation of 300Euros for the development […]
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