The DRS project aims to provide affordable technical equipment for the immediate aid in case of a humanitarian catastrophe. Our systems consist of stackable, connectable and transportable containers for the purpose of filtering Water, generating Power, establishing emergency Communication and Clearing streets. The units are designed to be as generic as they are simple in use.

The world in which we live goes through constant changes. While some of these changes are desirable, others are disastrous. The rise in the world’s population and consumption has an adverse effect on our environment, leading to climate crises and therefore to many forms of natural disasters. On average, 60,000 people are killed by natural disasters every year. Even though disasters are not predictable, a lot of lives can be saved if humanitarian aid is intensified and given strategically. The usage of appropriate and reliable equipment is key in the provision of efficient relief services..
Our aim is to increase the efficiency of humanitarian aid by providing technical solutions which are reliable, portable and easy to use at a reasonable price. Our approach to accomplish this is the devleopment of state of the art products as they are demanded by relief organisations and through cost-oriented standardisation.
We are a team from diverse professional backgrounds who prioritise the well being of people and the safety of our environment. This desire propels us to operate beyond a purely profit-oriented model, adopting a more sustainable problem-oriented business model. It lies within the heart of our project to provide high quality and most affordable water purification equipment for victims of disasters, relief organisations and humanitarian agencies.
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